Mega Credit

Mega Credit

The MEGA CREDIT Service with ZERO down payment? Yes it is possible!

Instalments spread over 24 months and no down payment, is now possible with our Bank Partner NEERE CONSORTIUM.

To obtain this service, fulfill all the conditions, file in your documents at Megamonde and get a feedback within seven (07) days maximum.


1. Select at least one product from the available range

2. Be in a public, parapublic or private institution

3. Be domiciled in one of the financial institutions 

4. The “Commitment form” is to be duly completed and signed by the President of the MUTUAL or the PERSON IN CHARGE committing to monthly deductions from salary and transfers to the account of CONSORTIUM NEERE a COFINA BURKINA SA until maturity of the loan. 

5. To provide copies of official records of the structure or institution.

6. To be able to provide at least a list of five (05) persons wishing to purchase a motorcycle.

7. The remainders are paid by cheque, transfer or cash to COFINA BURKINA

Notice ⚠️: The promotional prices are not applicable under the MEGA CREDIT sales conditions

Mega Credit
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