MEGAMONDE, is a group of industrial and commercial companiesspecialized in the production and sale of motorbikes, food distribution and supply, printing on various supports & media, as well as international trade and services.

Lately, Megamonde excelled as an agent in brokerage and service services that have earned the firm the approach of large foreign groups.

The company and its executives have a strong experience, and a broad openness of business acumen dating back to 1998, with a perfect knowledge of the Burkinabe and the sub-regional market.


What Do We Do

Precursor in the production and distribution of motorbikes of all kinds in the Burkinabe Market, MEGAMONDE managed to break consumers' habits by offering new innovative products with exceptional value for money. Since 2013, MEGAMONDE is the official reseller of the Asian brand ‘RATO’ in BURKINA FASO and many Sub-Saharan West African Countries. This Asian company which provides motorcycles and motor vehicles (generators, agricultural equipment, etc.) has long proven itself internationally to the point of having its shares listed on the stock exchange. One cannot talk about MEGAMONDE without bringing up its motorcycle factory (MEGAMONDE industries created in 2011) commercialized with a full time functioning assembly unit located in the industrial zone of KOSSODO in Ouagadougou with its own welding and painting shop.

Our Network

To serve you best, Megamonde is always close to you - with its multiple showrooms, point of sales and garages, Megamonde provides assistance throughout the region of Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso. Fitting within its expansion policy, MEGAMONDE has opened in Cotonou (BENIN) and in Ivory Coast.

Our Services

MEGAMONDE has experienced teams to ensure and assure its different customers by offering the most efficient after-sales service whose major concern is to build loyalty and perpetuate its relationship with its customers. As such, MEGAMONDE provides its loyal customers with several modern garages across the country (including 3 in Ouagadoudou). All garages are equipped with original spare parts stores to ensure optimum use of the products it markets. Furthermore, MEGAMONDE also offers loyalty programs (Gulf Plus Card, MegaExpress Card) to ensure the good maintenance and longevity of your two-wheels! And, in the interest of offering impeccable service, MEGAMONDE offers you the opportunity to lighten your payment through its Mega Facile (Mega Easy) credit program!

Our partners

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