Services Plus

Services Plus

Mega Xpress Card

With MEGA XPRESS, your bike with no stress!

Mega Xpress allows you to benefit of 12 overhauls and oil changes for free and extend the warranty to two years or 12,000 km, thus, double its validity. 
This service is for only 20,000 FCFA. 
You will also benefit from a 10% discount on all spare parts. 

Notice: This service is exclusively sold before the first overhaul. 
This booklet must be purchased before the first service, as the service and warranty booklet, which is only valid if the service is carried out exclusively in Megamonde garages.

Mega Xpress Card!

We will notify you if this subscription service can be applied.

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Gulf Plus Card

If you own a motorcycle, whether it is from RATO or from another brand, then the Gulf + card is for you! 
The Gulf + card allows you to benefit from Megamonde’s exceptional after-sales services and entitles you to 12 overhauls and oil changes at 22,000 CFA only! 

The oil changes are carried out with Gulf oil, recommended by RATO. 

You can benefit from this card no matter the brand of your motorcycle. 

Please note that the client can show up in another motorcycle. 

Gulf Plus Card!

Your card will be ready at the selected branch for pick-up

Gulf Card Info Download
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